Every futuristic product starts from doing a thorough research. R&D (Research & Development) plays a very important role in the success of a business. Every failure in a R&D effort increases the pressure to perform. R&D helps a business to have a competitive edge over its competitors. It is the R&D function that develops plans much ahead of other functions.

In Era Swap, we take utmost care of the complete research for any project which involves a series of investigative activities to improve existing products and procedures or to lead to the development of new products and procedures. In general, high end technology companies tend to spend the most on R&D and that is where Era Swap comes to help the clients with its research based services.

Blockchain Product Development

Product is everything and therefore it is most important aspect of any business. The blockchain is accelerating the business operations to make them smarter. It is all set to transform numerous industries, including healthcare, supply chain, financial services, and many more. A recent research explored that big organizations have successfully built blockchain pilots in medicine tracking, Healthcarecare, real estate, food safety and many more.

If you are an entrepreneur or an organization looking to explore blockchain, you should understand the comprehensive blockchain development process offered by us. We are intended to offer solutions for entrepreneurs, product managers, founders, and innovators looking to develop products trough overall blockchain development process, and how to integrate blockchain into the businesses.

Application Development

We are a team which is fast and experienced in blockchain space. If you are looking for a product development in Blockchain, we can provide the end to end solution. Blockchain development services are becoming essential for businesses. Blockchain technology and apps have the ability to decentralize power from existing authorities through the use of smart contracts, and digital asset ownership. But choosing the best blockchain companies can indeed be a tedious task. Here we come for help. We offer customized solutions for the client on Blockchain technology and its integration with interlinked technologies like IoT and AI.

Web and Mobile App

We create web and mobile apps with intuitive user interface to leave an impression on the user by making their browsing experience amazing. There are 6.8 billion people on the planet, 5.1 billion of whom own a cell phone. And today, an ever-growing percentage of these devices are based on smartphones. According to a recent researches, the number of users accessing various applications over smartphones have grown more than double in the past 5 years. And the same applies with the number of users downloading and using mobile apps.

Indeed, mobile computing is becoming increasingly ubiquitous among masses with the use of Internet or email on their phones. More than one third of smartphone users go online primarily through their handheld devices. We at Era Swap are adept at delivering iOS, Android & Web applications that engage your users. We specialize in technologies related to mobility and its integration with real world.

Product Upgradation

Upgrading the existing system is a part of the growth process which keeps businesses flourishing. These days, product up-gradation is an important aspect of any product development, deployment and successful execution. The upgrading strategy of these online products depends on market segment and consumer behavior. Era Swap offers product up-gradation and scaling for online products where the existing products are upgraded and released as an upgraded product.

We also find, through analysis and research, whether upgrades are typically small or moderate, and finally up-gradation as new product or release which further increases the organization's profitability in the market and thus it further benefits the consumer as a whole. Era Swap offers product up-gradation solutions to clients with end to end solutions.

Product Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance makes sure that you get the best out of the product. Era Swap offers complete, yet flexible support and maintenance services on all the solutions provided to clients in order to meet the needs of every customer. Our support services are based on various offerings for clients like telephone and email guidance, online help-desk support, onsite support if required by client, etc.

Era Swap's Support & Maintenance Program is a comprehensive service plan developed to enrich and lengthen the lifetime of the applications of clients. It combines software updates and upgrades with expert Technical Support services to help the performance of developed applications at an optimum level.

Customized solutions

If you do not belong to a category, you are unique. We provide custom solutions as per the business requirement to meet the business goal. Era Swap Technologies envisions to offer customized and innovative conceptualization for high end technology based products for our clients. Era Swap offers customized offerings for organizations, government, community, MNCs, Clients, etc. in software development. Product development is not just limited to programming excellence, it also include software design, architecture, developments, testing and maintenance which are the part and parcel of the complete process.

Custom Product Development for any client is an on-going process with a lot of research, customization and iterations. Era Swap Technologies aims to evolve as a smart and robust hub offering solutions for global businesses, and help them in managing the entire product life-cycle with 360 degree solutions. In this domain, Era Swap deal with the entire spectrum of product development, from initial conceptualization to product delivery.

Marketing Services

Era Swap helps in promotion of economic or marketing activities offered by any business of its clients. Era Swap offerings of service marketing include the process of marketing activities for both products and services catering to domains like telecommunications, health treatment, financial, hospitality, travel, e-commerce, banking, online and many more.

Era Swap one of the top-line marketing services both offline and online across the globe. We provide a 360° approach to online as well as offline marketing with services ranging from scratch to screech ranging from branding, creatives, graphics, visuals, BTL, ATL, content, advertising for our clients.

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