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Blockchain Solutions

Entertainment & Media

In media, there are players who have emerged recently along the media value chain as the middlemen between audience and primary creators of content. These aggregators and platform providers act as a collecting body handling royalty payments costing content creators.

With Blockchain technology these middlemen can be eliminated as Blockchain permits bypassing content aggregators, platform providers, and royalty collection associations to a large extent. By the use of Blockchain market power shifts to the copyright owners.

Blockchain can be leveraged for payment and contract options which can fundamentally reset pricing, advertising, revenue sharing, and royalty payment processes. Using Blockchain payments or advertising revenues are no longer required to be centrally collected.


Traditional online marketplaces need a trust in order to do the transaction. The trust is generally offered by a middleman who charges a considerable amount of fee in return. This fee is ultimately increasing the cost of the products which is ultimately paid by the consumers.

Blockchain can remove the middleman by offering trust, transparency and immutable ledger thus reducing the overall cost for both buyers and sellers.

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Banking & Finance

In recent years there have been many cases where the companies have played with the accounts hiding their true financial position at the cost of investors and users. Due to these incidents, public trust was lost in financial systems.

The most common problem in 80% of the cases, was the auditor’s failure to gather sufficient audit evidence. Many of the cases involved inadequate evidence in areas such as asset valuation, asset ownership and management representations.

Blockchain offers solution to these problems with its immutable ledger making the system trustless and hence removing the chances of discrepancy in the data.


Farmers are one of the most productive community who work with the ground to feed us however farmers are the one who have been suffering the most. The reason is the vast array of middleman who keeps on earning a commission for bringing the product to the market.

By implementing the blockchain technology, every farmer will be able to get a fair share of their efforts and hardwork without letting others make the profit out of his sweat and blood.

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Social Media

Today Social Media have become an integral part of our lives as we cannot imagine our lives without smartphones and social media. Social Media has reduced the geographical boundaries and increased penetration in our lives where we move ahead and leave a trail of data - (photo, music, video, creatives, memes, entertainment and many more).

All the current giants of social media are centralized which means everything we share on these platforms are vulnerable and controlled. Also the monetization of these platforms are giving benefits to these centralized authorities rather than the content creators.

With Blockchain - the centralized system can be replaced with a decentralized system where every contributor and content creator can get rewarded for the contribution based on the content or the data created. Thus, the data will be distributed across the network and can be monetized to benefit the content creators.


New technology keeps on updating at a very fast pace where any school’s curriculum takes years to change. This can affect our future generation as they will have to complete formal education of schooling without learning the new trends of technology. Countries like China have already included AI at an initial stage to build a strong technical foundation for future generation.

Implementing new technology at the right age will not only empower the students but the nation as a whole to build a pool of skilled resource. Blockchain is the technology of the future which can create new career avenues for the youth.

Blockchain learning and coding can open up new opportunity areas for the youth where they can learn and implement this learning to develop applications for the common good of the society.

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Blockchain Solutions


In healthcare, critical information is scattered across multiple systems and sometimes, it may not be accessible when needed the most. The current healthcare infrastructure has often been called inadequate to handle information exchange and requires certain tweaks. Blockchain has gone beyond the “innovation trigger” and could perhaps transform how we view healthcare and data together.

The concept of blockchain in healthcare is absolutely disruptive with its solutions like data management and processing. Rather, it would be an evolutionary journey where blockchain is implemented step-by-step in Healthcare.


There has been a fundamental shift in thinking about blockchain technology in the past year, and blockchain-related innovations are already providing solutions to longstanding problems.

Most of the governments are sending positive messages about blockchain technology and its applications for the benefit of the community. Blockchain based applications with standards, definitions, rules, and other elements can provide a clear decision framework on issues such as governance, jurisdiction and interoperability of the technology.

Many of the governments these days are incorporating blockchain to implement new tech enabled policy, guidelines and legislative changes in order to encourage innovation and thus making lives simpler for their citizens.

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With the current voting system, after casting the vote, the public never know whether their votes have been forged and how it is getting calculated because the authority who is in charge of counting can change the outcome. As this process is non-transparent, the validity of the outcome is being continuously questioned.

With the implementation of blockchain in voting, a transparent system can be created where votes can be used as a transaction on blockchain making it immutable as well as transparent. Everyone will agree with the final count because they can count the votes themselves and because of blockchain audit trail, legitimacy of the votes can be verified.


Many people want to donate to help others however most of the time they are unsure that their funds are being used for the good of others or not. Due to lack of trust, most of the people doubt in donating even when they want to.

Blockchain implementation can create a transparent system where the donors can actually see how their funds are being used providing the assurance that the funds actually reached to the needy.

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