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Era Swap Technologies delivers successful products & services for global clients by providing end to end blockchain-based solutions worldwide

Era Swap Technologies supports Era Swap DAO which is governed by a set of software rules present in smart contracts using Blockchain Technology. Basically, Era Swap DAO is the most complex form of smart contracts that follows the rules of the decentralized organization embedded inside the code. Era Swap DAO uses the consensus mechanism to reach the goals of the organization with its stakeholders.

Era Swap has 3 engines namely Era Swap Network, Era Swap Token, Era Swap Ecosystem.

Era Swap Token

Era Swap Token is a decentralized utility token where stakers can do P2P exchange using smart contracts within Era Swap decentralized economy. Era Swap Token is a token of Era Swap Blockchain Network(ESN) proof of stake consensus protocol, designed to enrich usage in Era Swap Ecosystem & support decentralized Era Swap Network for long term validity.

Era Swap Network

Era Swap Network is a decentralized blockchain network that allows collective cloud computing users to enter a loosely integrated P2P smart contract to mine Era Swap Tokens.

Era Swap Ecosystem

Era Swap Ecosystem is a decentralized ecosystem made on the latest Web 3.0 that separate the need to involve a mutually acceptable third party for P2P exchanges using feasible Era Swap Blockchain Network(ESN).

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To make a self - sustainable marketplace by crafting the latest technologies products that benefit the global community.


To deliver successful products & services for global clients by giving end to end blockchain-based solutions worldwide.


Era Swap technologies aim to build an innovative Era using latest technologies that work autonomously without the need for a central authority to benefit the global community.


Era Swap Technologies uses frontline technology like Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT and so to create a modern and self-sustainable service that fulfils the need of the future generation. It also offers end to end solutions for all the products and services of the community, and so on.


In the past few years, blockchain has presented itself as the next-generation solution for many of the technology sectors. It has received influential endorsements from government leaders, industry titans and ambitious entrepreneurs, etc.

The blockchain market was worth about $317 million in 2015, but it’s expected to grow to $20 billion by 2024 as per reports. Currently, finance, especially International remittances, offers the strongest use cases for blockchain technology. The World Bank estimates that over $430 billion worth of money transfers were sent in 2015.

Also, one more inter-related domain, IoT is emerging as a leading technology day by day. IoT devices are expected to reach 50 billion by 2020, and all of these devices will be able to exchange information easily with each other and offer their users with innovation. Era Swap will leverage IOT to develop future oriented solutions for clients.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging field which is transforming businesses. AI has applications and use cases in almost every industry vertical and is considered the next big technological shift, similar to past shifts like the industrial revolution, the computer age, and the smartphone revolution.

We merge the future technology with the existing businesses to build the product and services of future.

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